We are asking all fliers to give us a hand at this launch, by volunteering to work a range shift or two, as more hands make the work lighter for everyone!  Please check out the following descriptions of the jobs available to help you determine where you would like to assist. If you would like to volunteer, but are not entirely comfortable signing up without a complete understanding of what the job may entail, feel free to reach out to one of us. We will arrange mentoring with an individual experienced with that position prior to your requested shift.

  • LCO: This is the MC of the launch. He/she does all of the announcing, and with the help of he LCO spotter, makes sure the sky and the range are clear of planes and people before ordering the launch of a rocket. …more
  • LCO Assistant:  The assistant organizes, and subsequently stores the flight cards received from the range boss. His/her primary function is operating the launch controllers. This position enables the LCO to keep the launch flowing smoothly.
  • LCO Spotter: The spotter is responsible for tracking all flights during descent and notifying the LCO if a rocket is heading into any area that could impact personnel or vehicles, either on the range or behind the flight line.
  • Safety Check:  This position is responsible for safety checking all rockets*. He/she evaluates low, mid and high power rockets for the likelihood of a safe and successful flight. He/she must be L2 certified. …more
  • Range Boss: The RB assigns each flier who has been through safety check a pad for their rocket prior to entry onto the range. This position is fast paced, one where he/she will get the opportunity to see every rocket that’s flown. …more
  • Low Power Pad Managers: The LPR pad manager position assists with installation of low power rockets on the pads (many times helping children). He/she helps keep the range clean by making sure used igniters end up in the trash buckets…. more
  • High Power Pad Managers: The HPR pad manager position assists fliers installing high power rockets on the pads. He/she helps keep the range clean by making sure used igniters end up in the trash buckets….more


At NSL we really want to Motivate our Guests to help with range duties, we just cant run the range for 3 days without help. So there will be a special Raffle with TOP Notch prizes at the END of EACH day for those who help. (you need not be in attendance to get your prize) EACH Shift will earn you a ticket.